As a leading North American processor, we are committed to consistently delivering high-quality lobster products to clients all over the world through our own Rocky Point® brand or private label. We supply customers in North America, Europe and Asia, in multiple industry segments, from major grocery chains and food service distributors to large restaurant chains, seafood distributors and food manufacturers.

Cooked and live lobsters
We are proud Atlantic Canadians and understand we have a responsibility to ensure the lobsters we process are sourced to the highest standards. We care about the sustainability of the resource and the health of our coastal communities.

Our commitment to sustainable business practices means all of our product is wild caught and responsibly sourced.

Our company is located in Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, Canada, near world-class lobster fishing grounds. Over the years, we have developed longstanding relationships with both lobster suppliers and independent harvesters from Canada and the United States, ensuring continued access to only the best raw materials. This strategic location enables us to minimize transit time and handling of product from ocean to export, ensuring fresh and flavourful products.